The theme at Mia's pre-school this week is 'Pets' and this morning everyone had the opportunity to bring in their family pets to share with the kids.  I would have loved to have brought both Marley & Bindy but as we all know, Bindy doesn't play nice with other dogs.  So off this morning we went to school with Marley in tow.  As you could imagine, the scene was quite chaotic when we arrived at the playground but Mia was beaming with pride to show off her dog to her teachers and friends.  Only four brave mothers participated and we each got up in front of the kids to talk about our family pet.  I wasn't sure if Marley would perform all of her tricks in front of a crowd but she did awesome!  She sat, shook, laid down and rolled over all on queue!  The kids loved it and even the teachers got a kick out of it.  I might be biased but I'd have to say that out of the four dogs there, Marley definitely stole the show.  And I admit that it was nice to see Marley in the spotlight for a change.  Bindy tends to steal the spotlight since she is a much more social dog compared to Marley.  Bindy is literally at our feet every second of the day while Marley is a lot more reserved and likes her quiet time.  She is a good dog...okay, not really...but we still love her very much!!!  : )

Marley...aka Stinky Poo.

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