Easter Sunday

Mia was pleasantly surprised when she woke up on Sunday morning to see that the Easter Bunny had made a visit to our house.  We had a small egg hunt and then she opened her Easter basket filled with goodies...and by the looks of this picture, the Easter Bunny did good!

This was the best picture I could get of Mia in her Easter dress.  She stayed in the dress for a whopping 15 minutes before she changed into a t-shirt & shorts so she could play on her swing set.  So I'm very glad that I didn't buy her a new dress for Easter this year.

Oh, and for the record...those marks on her neck or not from possible strangulation marks. We don’t abuse our kid that bad. ; ) They’re from our dog leash (long story) and only look like possible strangulation marks. So please don’t call child services on Rick and I.

Moving right along...we spent a wonderful afternoon with the Huck's and had an absolutely amazing dinner.  The menu consisted of Ham, Beef Tenderloin with a caper horseradish cream, Lori's famous Hungarian potatoes, a Spinach salad and rolls.  I can honestly say that I enjoyed this meal better than Thanksgiving dinner...and that's HUGE since Thanksgiving dinner is usually my favorite meal of the year.  For dessert we had carrot cake, mini cheesecakes and cupcakes for the kids - all homemade since I really do love to bake.  I was bad and didn't take anymore pictures after our guests arrived, but I have a pretty good excuse since I was busy in the kitchen...and like I mentioned before - it was all worth it in the end!  : )

maria  – (April 6, 2010 at 9:47 PM)  

I don't believe you and I'm calling child services RIGHT NOW.....BTW where did you get your brown shelves on the wall? :)

Kate  – (April 7, 2010 at 6:41 PM)  

So you use the dog leash to abuse your kid, eh? I hadn't thought of that one but may implement it immediately ;)

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