3 Months!

As usual, time has flown by at warped speed and all of a sudden my little man is 3 months already.  I’m not sure how it’s possible, but Ricky just gets cuter and cuter by the day.

He has been a drooly mess lately – so much so that he soaks through bibs and I end up having to change his outfit twice sometimes 3x a day.   He still thinks his hands are the bomb and are in his mouth whenever possible.  Could this be a sign that teething is in our near future?  I sure hope not - but I don't ever remember Mia being this drooly and being so obsessed with gnawing on her hands at 3 months old.

He “talks” up a storm (when his hands aren't in his mouth), smiles constantly and is laughing a lot more as well.  His little laugh is infectious and I can’t get enough of it.

He loves his new freedom in the bath now that we’ve gotten rid of the newborn hammock.  He splashes and kicks like crazy.  However, he gets very angry when bath time is over and screams to high heaven as soon as he’s out.

I’m beginning to think that my prenatal vitamins had steroids in them because I swear he has He-Man strength.  He has a death grip like no other and rips chunks of my hair out.  He loves to straighten out his legs and “stand” for extended periods of time.  And his ninja-like kicks really hurt when he’s sitting on your lap!  He also has amazing head control and am assuming he doesn’t hate tummy time as much anymore because of it.
Notice the constant drool streaming down his chin...

I’ve already had to retire all of his newborn outfits and some of his 0-3 outfits which made me a little sad.  He went to the Dr.’s office a little over two weeks ago since we spread out his first set of shots.  It wasn't that much of a surprise to find out that he weighed a whopping 13lbs 12oz!  So he's probably hit the 14lb mark by now - mummy's milk is obviously doing the boy good.  :)  Although our monster baby weighs as much as he does, he's still up (on average) twice a night to eat...I'm sorry but I don't count 5am as the start of my day!  I've been really tempted to pump and give him a bottle with rice cereal before bed - I usually discuss this with myself at 2am while nursing - but then I somehow talk myself out of it by morning the next day. 

Mia is truly an amazing big sister.  She loves to be the first one to greet him after he wakes up from a nap.  She loves to help me bathe him and then soothe him while I’m getting him in his pj’s (remember he hates getting out of the bath).  She loves talking to him and teaching him how to play.  Watching them together and seeing Ricky smile at her just melts my heart and really makes me realize that this is what life is all about!

Please excuse Mia's bed head in this picture.  It was taken at 8am this morning.  Also note how Ricky doesn't look so tiny anymore next to his big sister!

Seriously, how can you resist this face?  We love you baby boy!



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