8 Months!

Note:  I've had this draft in my "edit posts" forever.  I was hoping to update with stats and details but if it hasn't happened yet...it's never going to happen.  So instead of waiting any longer since Ricky is going to turn 8 months in 9 short days, I'm going to go ahead and post what I have saved in my draft.  Enjoy.  :)

For reals.  Didn't I just log on here the other day to post your 7 month update??  If I could stop time I would...but unfortunately I'm unable to because I lack superhuman powers...so alas, you have turned 8 months already.  Sigh.

You still love the outdoors.

You took your 1st trip to the park.  Check out those thigh rolls!!!

You have a love/hate relationship with your bouncer....you hate it at first but then love it once you get bouncing. 

You got two teeth! 
Disclaimer:  I swear the food does actually go in his mouth.  He was playing with the spoon after I fed him and managed to get peaches everywhere. 
You can pimp it with a mohawk!

We love you little man!



7 Months!

Doing something a little different and will update Ricky's 7th month in pictures. Mostly because not a whole lot has changed since his 6 month post and he'll turn 8 months in less than 3 weeks. ;)

7 Months.  Really...7 Months?  Where oh where has the time gone?

Big sis Mia is still the best thing since sliced bread.  Seriously, watching these two together is just magical!

You're such a happy baby!  In your sister's pink hat (please don't kill us).  It's just too cute to not share.

You LOVE being outdoors.  This especially comes in handy when you're fussy and you want nothing to do with any of your zillion toys & gadgets.

You've started to sit in your stroller like a big boy and love the new view!
You have hair!  And so Daddy loves giving you this spiked 'do' at bath time.  

Speaking of bath time, you love it since it gives you full access to your manly bits.  In true male fashion, you can't keep your hands off them whenever you get the chance!  (For the record, you're not grabbing yourself here - it just appears that way!)

You took your 1st trip to the beach and loved every.minute.of.it.  Check out those man-boobs and tummy filled with cellulite.  LOVE it!  ;) 

*Sigh* It's so hard to believe that you're already 7 months old. I got a little weepy the other day thinking about how fast this has been going by. You're rounding up to one year now and I've even started thinking about your 1st birthday party. You continuously amaze me and I'm truly soaking in each and every day with you.  Baby boy, it's rediculous how much joy you bring in to our lives.  We love you so much!



I think there's still hope...

Here's a 6 month comparison of Ricky & Mia...

Yes...there's no denying that these two are brother & sister.  And yes...they both have their daddy's beautiful blue eyes.  But...I think there's still hope that Ricky might look a smidgen like me.  Rick thinks that I'm smoking crack (of course he would).  But when I compare pictures these days, I don't think they look like 'twins separated at birth' anymore.  I know only time will tell and truthfully, I'd be completely content if Ricky did end up looking like his daddy...but at the same time, it would be really cool if at least one of my children looked like me.  Us moms can't work for free, right?!  ;)  


I met my goal!

When Ricky was born back in July, I wrote about how happy I was that breastfeeding was going so well and that I hoped to reach a goal of 6 months. Well friends, today I’m proud to say that that goal has been met!! In fact, it’s been 6 months, 2 weeks and 6 days since I’ve been nursing Ricky and we’re still going strong. And to be honest, I don’t have any immediate plans to stop. I absolutely love nursing my sweet boy.  I mean, I knew I would enjoy it…but I didn’t think I would enjoy it this much. It’s such an amazing bonding experience that grows stronger and deeper as Ricky gets older. Nothing melts my heart more than when he looks up into my eyes with a soft smile after taking a little break. Honestly, it’s like pure heaven. It’s everything I hoped it would be…plus more.

I would love to set another goal of 3 more months but I’m fearful of when he gets teeth. There has been occasions when he’s clamped down with his gums and it hurt.  Hurt like, I jumped and screamed and in turn made him jump and scream. So I couldn’t imagine if he did that with teeth. But I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Either way, I really am so thankful that all my hopes about breastfeeding have become a reality for me...so really, anything after my 6 month goal is just gravy.  : )


Sitting up!

Look who finally decided to sit up all by himself...

LOVE his hair blowing in the wind!

This is pretty cool stuff!

He'll only sit for a few minutes at a time but it's still a milestone that he's finally hit.  Still no rolling...but we'll take what we can get!  ; )


Life After I "Dew" Giveaway

If you don't already, go check out Shannon at Life After I "Dew".  She is hysterical and is one of my favorite blogs to read.  She's hosting her first give-away for a $25 gift card to Apothica.  I've never shopped there before but it looks like a very cool site.  So go check it out when you can!


Blackmail is a bitch...

So I admit that this is a different kind of blackmail picture.  Usually you see a naked kiddo in the bath or an exposed booty in a typical blackmail picture.  This is not that.  However, I still think it’s blackmail worthy.  Little Miss Mia, as sweet as she is, can also be very sour.  She loves to test us on a daily basis with her little (or should I say big) attitude.  I honestly can’t remember what it was that made her so mad but she obviously didn’t get her way…and I caught it on camera at the precise moment.  It makes me laugh every time I see it, so I thought why not share it for the world to see.

Nice, huh?



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