8 Months!

Note:  I've had this draft in my "edit posts" forever.  I was hoping to update with stats and details but if it hasn't happened yet...it's never going to happen.  So instead of waiting any longer since Ricky is going to turn 8 months in 9 short days, I'm going to go ahead and post what I have saved in my draft.  Enjoy.  :)

For reals.  Didn't I just log on here the other day to post your 7 month update??  If I could stop time I would...but unfortunately I'm unable to because I lack superhuman powers...so alas, you have turned 8 months already.  Sigh.

You still love the outdoors.

You took your 1st trip to the park.  Check out those thigh rolls!!!

You have a love/hate relationship with your bouncer....you hate it at first but then love it once you get bouncing. 

You got two teeth! 
Disclaimer:  I swear the food does actually go in his mouth.  He was playing with the spoon after I fed him and managed to get peaches everywhere. 
You can pimp it with a mohawk!

We love you little man!




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