10 days and counting...

The official countdown has begun.  I admit that my days are starting to drag on and go by slower and slower in anticipation of his arrival.  But I have this funny feeling that he's going to be very punctual and arrive right around his due date - just like his big sister did.  I guess we'll find out sooner or later!!  : )

I had my 38 week appt. last week and had a little bit of a scare when the Dr. couldn't tell what position he was in.  I've taken a different approach this pregnancy and have been rotating doctors instead of seeing just one throughout.  There's definitely advantages and disadvantages and I can't decide which method I prefer.  Regardless, she sent me to get a super quick ultrasound and I was extremely relieved to see that he was in fact head down.  I was a little disappointed and surprised to hear that he is still floating.  Meaning he hasn't started the decent into the birth canal what-so-ever.  I've been carrying so low the entire pregnancy that I thought he would be in a -3 or -2 station by now.  The Dr. did reassure me that this was normal and that engagement usually happens all at once with subsequent pregnancies.  At first I thought she was just telling me this to make me feel better...but then I went home and looked it up and it does in fact say that engagement occurs as labor is about to begin with subsequent pregnancies.  So she wasn't filling me with BS after all.  Other than that, my BP was good and I'm up to an 18 lb weight gain.  Now I have a goal to stay at or under a 20 lb weight gain.  This shouldn't be too hard to attain since I couldn't even eat dinner last night.  I had eaten a handful of peanuts for a mid-afternoon snack and was so extremely full at dinner time that I couldn't even stand looking at food.  So the hubs was on his own and ended up eating a P&J.  I'm making it up to him tonight by cooking one of his favorite dishes - my homemade spaghetti.  Yummo!  And I'm going to make a conscious effort to not eat a snack later on this afternoon so I can enjoy it as well.  : )           

A Mother...Again  – (July 12, 2010 at 4:27 PM)  

Man, I'm glad that you put it that way! I've carried this boy so low the whole time that when I thought he dropped a few weeks back, I got all worried. And of course, I get mad since each week the Dr. "reassures" me that he's "not that low" yet. LOL!

Now I know that when he really does drop down and stop floating around, that it'll be show time!

I'm counting down with you!

Kate  – (July 15, 2010 at 8:27 AM)  

I'm going to go ahead and reiterate what I said on FB...it's unkind to start a countdown and then not actually count down thereby leaving the rest of us to wonder what your status is. Uh huh...it's not all about you, ya know ;)

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