Mia's Big Sister Class

Last week I took Mia to a "Big Brother/Big Sister" Class that our hospital offers.  The class was okay - I'm not sure that she learnt anything she doesn't already know but it was only $15 - so no big deal.  We were told to bring in a onesie that the kids would decorate and that was most definitely the highlight of the class.


I tried to convince her to use more masculine colors but failed miserably...so the onsie is mostly purple & pink - her favorite colors of course...but at least it has a dinosaur and a touch of blue.  : )

Kate  – (June 16, 2010 at 2:53 PM)  

It looks like she had a great time and I figure Baby Boy isn't going to have his gender identity compromised over one questionably colored onesie ;) BTW - Paddy wears Nat's old pj's and we use her pink hoody towels on him. I'm fairly certain that P 'danger' W is ALL boy!

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