36 Week Appt Update

You know you’re in the home stretch when the nurse is making sure that you’ve pre-registered at the hospital, have a pediatrician picked out and a car seat ready to go.  I also got a copy of my records that I need to keep with me at all times.  I guess there’s no turning back now, huh?  ; )  As far as stats go…my BP was good and I’ve had no weight gain since my last visit two weeks ago.  I’m measuring a tad bit behind which cracks me up because my belly is SO huge.  In fact, I was asked the dreaded question right after my appt while picking up ingredients for dinner at the store.  The lady bagging my groceries asked me how far along I was and after informing her that I had another 4 weeks to go, she blurts out, “are you having twins?” I’m seriously amazed that laser beams didn’t shoot out of my eyes and instantly blow her up in flames.  And now I wish I had bought this top that I’d been looking at a while back…

But anyway, all is good and I go back for my 37 week appt next week.  : ) 

A Mother...Again  – (June 24, 2010 at 10:25 PM)  

That's the BEST T-shirt EVER!!! We all need one...just to shut some of "those" people up!

Kate  – (June 29, 2010 at 10:23 AM)  

I think you would've been totally justified in saying... "why don't you shut the hell up, Bitch!" to that troll. Love the shirt BTW! :)

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