Mia's Big Girl Room

I am really psyched to start working on Mia’s Big Girl Room. We’ll be using her current room as the new nursery and she’ll be moving into the (much larger) guest bedroom. We’re thinking about moving her over around May but will have to start redecorating now since we have lots to do. We have to paint, sell the queen size bed, clean out the closet and all the “stuff” that we’ve accumulated over the years in the zillion drawers we have in this armoire...

I doubt you counted but there are a total of 18 drawers on that bad boy. And there’s stuff/junk/crap in every single one of them. Talk about a not-so-fun project.

Moving on to fun projects…we’ve already ordered her new twin bed and bought her new bedding at Pottery Barn Kids – both on special sale I might add. ; ) Check them out!

I absolutely love the Daisy Garden bedding and can’t wait to decorate and accessorize with this theme. I’ll be sure to post the progress of her new room...and the nursery of course...but that’s a whole other project that we’ll get started on once Mia’s big girl room is done.  : )

Kate  – (March 16, 2010 at 12:47 PM)  

Adorable! And will probably wind up being your favorite room in the house when you're done!

maria  – (March 16, 2010 at 5:06 PM)  

I hate it. just kidding. it's beautiful and I'm sure Mia is going to love it. the blog looks great.

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