22 Week Belly Picture

I caved and finally took a belly picture at 22 weeks.


Yes, I'm aware that I look much farther along than 22 wks.  Yes, we're sure there's only one baby in there.  I'm short and there's only room for my belly to go out.  So there.

Rick was finally able to feel the baby kick last night.  It was so exciting!  Every time we tried in the past, the baby would either stop kicking or it just wasn't strong enough for Rick to feel it.  But last night he gave me a nice ol' karate kick to the gut and Rick was definitely able to feel it.  Now I can't wait for Mia to feel him kick...hopefully soon!

Kate  – (March 23, 2010 at 3:13 PM)  

Hot Damn! You look fantastic and I will give anyone who suggests otherwise a very hairy eyebrow.

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