"He's an Angel Baby"

These were the exact words that came out of the mouth of our labor & delivery nurse.  Why, you ask?  Because Ricky was born with a 'true knot' in his umbilical cord.  Apparently, this is extremely rare.  So rare that it only occurs in about 1% of pregnancies.  Without going into detail, the knot could have caused severe complications...one of them being disastrous. 

I was still in a euphoric high when the L&D nurse explained the knot to us...so the disastrous outcome wasn't really registering in my brain.  But when I think about it now, my eyes well up with tears and I thank God profusely for our tiny miracle.

You can clearly see the knot here... 

And a close up...
Ricky's here for a reason...a true miracle from God.  I truthfully believe he had Guardian Angels watching over him while he was in utero...and I'll always be eternally grateful.

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