8 Months!

Note:  I've had this draft in my "edit posts" forever.  I was hoping to update with stats and details but if it hasn't happened yet...it's never going to happen.  So instead of waiting any longer since Ricky is going to turn 8 months in 9 short days, I'm going to go ahead and post what I have saved in my draft.  Enjoy.  :)

For reals.  Didn't I just log on here the other day to post your 7 month update??  If I could stop time I would...but unfortunately I'm unable to because I lack superhuman powers...so alas, you have turned 8 months already.  Sigh.

You still love the outdoors.

You took your 1st trip to the park.  Check out those thigh rolls!!!

You have a love/hate relationship with your bouncer....you hate it at first but then love it once you get bouncing. 

You got two teeth! 
Disclaimer:  I swear the food does actually go in his mouth.  He was playing with the spoon after I fed him and managed to get peaches everywhere. 
You can pimp it with a mohawk!

We love you little man!


Little Bitty Things  – (April 14, 2011 at 10:39 AM)  

What a cutie pie! Love that mohawk...and Jax does the same thing with his bouncer. Hates it until he remembers that he loves it. And does Ricky do this - Jax gets confused as to which toys bounce and all...when we put him in his exersaucer now, he tries to bounce in it like the bouncer...and that makes me REALLY nervous! He can jump high!

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