2 Months!

This month has flown by compared to the first.  Maybe it’s because we’ve fallen into some kind of a routine.  It’s definitely not perfected…but it’s better than the sporadic eating and sleeping schedule from the first month.  Although, up until last week, Ricky was still eating every 2 hours during the day and taking 30 minute cat naps in between – I was seriously beginning to lose it!  Then, just like that, he started stretching his feeds to every 3 hours and taking marathon naps compared to the little cat naps he was giving us before.  Wow, wow, WOW - what a difference this has made!!!  I can actually get some things done around the house now and even have some extra time for me afterwards while he naps.  I can’t begin to express how incredibly nice this has been and I thank my little man profusely for giving mummy a much needed break!  ; )

I was trying very hard not to complain about his rigorous eating/sleeping schedule before since he’d been giving us a decent stretch of sleep the first part of the night - usually going 6 hrs between feedings.  Last night we had a huge hiccup though because the little man got his first batch of shots.  Can we say, “NOT FUN”.  Surprisingly, I held it together while he was lying on the table, beat red and crying so hard that no noise was coming out of his mouth.  L.  The handout we got at the Dr’s office noted this statement, “these immunizations can cause your baby to have a fever, decreased appetite, act fussy or change his/her normal sleep patterns”.  That explained Ricky to a “T” yesterday.  I’m hoping that these symptoms only last 24hrs and he’ll be back to his happy go lucky self today. 

Now for his stats…he weighs a whopping 12lbs 5.5oz (75th percentile) & measures 23 7/8” (90th percentile).  So yeah, I’d say he’s doing pretty awesome!  The pediatrician did say that this is a typical pattern that breastfed babies follow.  They spike at the top of the charts at their 2 & 4 month appts and then level back out around their 6 month appt. 

His favorite pastimes are still staring intently at the fan and chewing on his hands.  It’s actually quite hysterical to watch him try so very hard to shove both fists in his mouth at the same time.  He's smiling a ton now.  I just love when I get greeted with that gummy grin when I walk into his room to get him.  Watching his face light up with a huge smile makes my day every time!  I remember how fast the infant stage went with Mia and so I’m making a conscious effort to not take a second for granted and soak everything up.  I love you baby boy!

A Mother...Again  – (September 24, 2010 at 3:03 PM)  

What a cutie pie - LOVE that smile! We take Jax today...can't wait to find out his stats. I'm thinking we're going to fall around the top of the charts too, but who knows?

Now I'm scared about the shots! I keep warning Brent that he could be "irritable" tonight and tomorrow...I hope it's not too bad! Good luck on the rest of today!

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